I am a Washington native, but my various educational pursuits led me to Boston and
Northern California, before returning here to Seattle.  I find various ways to enjoy
this area, whether it is on the water, in the mountains, or on a road trip to explore
the vast beauty of all this great state has to offer.

I enjoy what I do.  I want to help you overcome the issues that you are struggling
through.  No problem in your life is too big or too small.  I have over ten years
experience across a variety of settings, including community mental health,
chemical and alcohol dependency treatment services, and outpatient private practice.
Areas of Expertise
My goal is to help people create positive change in their lives.  Your therapy is
personalized to fit your needs and concerns with an emphasis on thoughts,
emotions, and relational patterns.  Our work together will be a representation of
your individuality, your unique life experience, and guided self-exploration in a
nurturing environment.
Mood Disorders
Relationship Issues
Relationship Patterns
Chronic Illnesses
Couple's Work
Family Issues
Moving From Surviving Mode to Thriving Mode
Eating Disorders
LGBTQ Issues
Childhood Trauma/Abuse
Grief and Loss
Addiction/Chemical Dependency and Abuse
Sexual Addiction
Severe Mental Illnesses
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Dr. Stephen L. Smith
Helping you reach your full potential.
About Dr. Stephen L. Smith
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Helping individuals,
couples and families
for over 10 years.