Do any of these symptoms feel familiar?

*Do you find yourself feeling sad?
*Do you feel exhausted a lot of the time with no energy?
*Do you feel as if even the smallest tasks are sometimes impossible?
*Do you seldom enjoy the things that you used to enjoy?
*Do you sometimes feel very anxious?
*You may not want to see people or are scared to be left alone.
*Social activity may feel hard or impossible.
*You may find it difficult to think clearly.
*You might feel like a failure.
*You may feel guilty a lot of the time.
*You may feel like you are a burden to others.
*Do you sometimes feel that life isn't worth living?
*You may see no future.
-There is a loss of hope.
*You might believe all you've ever done is a mistake.
*You may feel more irritable or angry.
*You may have no confidence.
*You spend a lot of time thinking about what has gone wrong, what will go wrong
     -or what is wrong about yourself as a person.  
*You might be critical of others.
*You feel that life is unfair.
*You have difficulty sleeping or wake up very early in the morning and can't       
     -sleep again.
*You might dream all night long and sometimes have disturbing dreams.
*You feel that life has is passing or has passed you by.
*You may have physical aches and pains which appear to have no physical cause,
     -such as stomach or neck and back pain.

If you agree with even a couple of these symptoms, you may be suffering from
depression. I have many years experience working with people who suffer from
these symptoms. I may be able to offer some help. Are you ready to start living
your full potential again?
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